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英語で英語の授業をやる自信がない人に対する答: 「当然です。日本人以外の学習者にも教えられるような英語力がなければ教師とはいえないでしょ。」 (参照 酸っぱいブドウ↓)

英語で英語の授業はとりあえず出来る人に対する答: 「教師だけが英語をいくら喋っていても、生徒の英語力は上がらない。英語の授業では生徒には必ず英語を喋らせるべきだ。またフィードバックは日本語でやったほうが効果的です。」

Should an English class be conducted in English? The answer to this question varys according to who is asking. To those who do not think they are able to conduct a 50-minute session in English, I say to you that your priority is to enhance your speaking skills to the extent that you can comfortably conduct any activity using English, from grammatical explanation to reading between the lines. On the other hand, to those who CAN do everything in English if necessary, I would say that they should think about how to make their students do everything in English, rather than how to do so themselves.