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  • 水本先生、熊澤先生によるベルクテストデータの詳細な分析

  • 眞砂先生による医薬系英語教育におけるベルクテスト活用の詳細

  • 成田先生、根岸先生、靜による、「英語の授業は英語で」をテーマにしたパネルディスカッションの様子

を動画で見ることができます (望月先生が今回も、名行司をしてくださっています)。

私は 以下の文を英語で説明してみる、というのをやっております。

1) The whale is no more a fish than a horse is.

2) I couldn't be happier.

3) The ability to carry out the simplest conversation requires profound knowledge that the speakers are unaware of. This is as true of speakers of Japanese as of English speakers, of Eskimos as of Navajos.

4) IQ represents the degree to which, and the rate at which, people are able to learn, and retain in long-term memory, the knowledge and skills that can be learned from the environment.

5) It is a popular tourist spot,  and attracts thousands of visitors every year,  who come to the Loch  to view  its magnificent natural beauty,  its incredible wildlife  and, of course, its famous monster. 

6) Subjects were more than twice as likely to yawn while observing yawns (55 percent) as to yawn while viewing a comparable series of smiles (21 percent).