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Burning Issues Intermediate Level 完成しました

これで、Burning Issues シリーズの3レベルが完成です。きれいな色ですね。今年はオレンジがマイブームなので嬉しい。

ユニット15には、例の穴なし穴埋め(Invisible-gap filling)も取り入れました。

    1 Infidelity: Our cheating hearts
    Reading 1: ASK PENELOPE
    Reading 2: The Hows and Whys of Cheating

    2 Psychics: What do they know that we don't?
    Reading 1: Skeptics Defeat Psychics
    Reading 2: Your Guide to Cold Readings

    3 Internet Dating: Is this really YOUR photo?
    Reading 1: Reporter Discovers That Sex Sells
    Reading 2: Rules for Internet Dating

    4 Work: Is it interfering with your life?
    Reading 1: An Interview with a Hurricane Hunter by Joe LaTona
    Reading 2: Say Goodbye to the Monday Morning Blues

    5 Lying: What's THAT on your resume?
    Reading 1: Don't Be Fooled Again
    Reading 2: Living with Lies

    6 Advertising: We know what you want before you do!
    Reading 1: Undercover Marketing
    Reading 2: Advertising Strategies

    7 Reality TV: Would you be a survivor?
    Reading 1: A Guide to Reality TV
    Reading 2: What’s So Great about Reality TV?

    8 Violence in sports: When is a game not a game?
    Reading 1: Soccer Riot Hits Moscow
    Reading 2: Victory Celebration Turns Ugly
    Reading 3: Psychologists Study the Causes of Mob Violence

    9 Fashion: You mean you're wearing THAT?
    Reading 1: Designed to Fit In
    Reading 2: First the Hijab, Then the Turban?

    10 Graffiti: You call this art?
    Reading 1: Photograph a "Big Mistake"
    Reading 2: Saturday, September 12 11:00 A.M. Graffiti Bus Tour Seminar 1
    Reading 3: Graffiti: Art or Annoyance?

    11 Beauty: Mirror, mirror, on the wall
    Reading 1: Why Appearance Is Important

    Reading 2: Body Dissatisfaction? Maybe the Maasai Have the Answer

    12 Anger: I'm not angry!
    Reading 1: Control Your Anger Don't Let It Control You
    Reading 2: Anger around the World

    13 Child Labor: Who made your sneakers?
    Reading 1: A Child Hero
    Reading 2: An Analysis of the Problem of Child Labor Worldwide

    14 Intelligence: How important is it?
    Reading 1: The Loneliness of Being a Genius
    Reading 2: Scientist Invents Creativity Machine

    15 Vocabulary & Sentence Structure Review