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あさましきもの English is fun! の押し売り


「何をそんなにおとなしくしてるの!?英語は楽しいでしょ! ヘイヘイ レッツエンジョイイングリッシュ!」 




English teachers who say to their students things like....

Hey! You had a good time, right?

English is fun!

Why are you so quiet?

Hey, let's enjoy it!!!

gives me a real creep.

That English-is-fun doctrine ... is SOOOOOOO vain.

I have never met a single student who can speak English properly (in the real sense of the word) who has been or is being taught by that kind of vain teacher.

It takes much much more that just giving them superficially fun time to actually get your students better at English, which will give them REEEEEEAAAL fun that comes from a sense of accomplishment.